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Curating a Feel Good Life



Curating a Feel Good life to take the guesswork out of self-care so you can focus on YOU. Whether you have an autoimmune disease, struggle with self-doubt or think you have it all together, we invite you to join our community of women who all have one thing in common - we don't take enough time for ourselves. Time to just be, read a book, workout, take a bath, go on a walk, eat tacos, you fill in the blank. 

With our help, we give you permission to do those things and provide the products and resources for you. As women, we spend all our time focused on others and taking over the world, that we forget to spend time with ourselves and for ourselves.

If we can't make ourselves a priority, how can we expect to properly prioritize the rest of our lives?



I am absolutely loving my CBD oil tincture! I started using it when I returned from Europe and I am sleeping so well and through the night! It’s been about 1 week of uninterrupted sleep. I think I’m addicted and love it as part of my nighttime routine!
— tricia
WE LOVE TACOS    Hilary's favorite taco is Baja grilled fish smothered in guacamole and salsa! Jessica's favorite taco is carnitas, extra guac please!


Hilary's favorite taco is Baja grilled fish smothered in guacamole and salsa!
Jessica's favorite taco is carnitas, extra guac please!

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Our Story

Jessica and Hilary were both diagnosed with autoimmune diseases around the same time.

After years of struggling with low energy and brain fog, which she just assumed (and was told by many) was caused by motherhood, Jessica decided to seek out the root cause. It took approximately seven years of misdiagnosis and unnecessary medicine to discover that she has Hashimoto’s, a very commonly misdiagnosed autoimmune disease which affects the thyroid.

Hilary was diagnosed with endometriosis, an autoimmune disease that plagues 1 in 10 women, after living with the painful symptoms for 20 years, and only being properly diagnosed and surgically treated after 19 years.

Their desire to start the FeelGood Lifestyle grew out of necessity with trying every healthy diet, workout, and lifestyle change just to feel better. Through their experiences and connections they’ve made along their wellness journey, they hope to share those lifestyle choices and help others realize their potential to feel good.



Join our private Facebook group, The Feel Good Life, for a community of women who are kicking ass and know that caring for themselves is important but often gets thrown out the window when daily life comes knocking. Meet like-minded women with the desire to all feel good!


We partner with other female business owners to create educational and fun events and workshops for our community. Like our Facebook page or Instagram to keep up to date on our schedule.


Our goal is to bring you high quality products curated specifically to help you feel good - whether you have a chronic disease or just want to relax. We do our best to choose products that are sustainable, toxin-free, or do good. We love supporting local businesses, female entrepreneurs, and non-profits.