Meditation for a #FeelGood Life

Below is from a dear friend who is opening up and sharing her story for the first time regarding her past, struggles with anxiety, and how she has worked (and still is working) to overcome and deal with those thoughts and feelings when they do arise. This wasn’t easy for her to share, but sometimes putting our struggles, fears, pain, and even victories on paper can be so therapeutic. We are very thankful to have this platform for women to open up and share their journeys—because you’re not alone.

I've had anxiety my entire life, mostly rooted in an extremely difficult childhood. A childhood that was certainly filled with love and happiness at times, but was splintered with intense anger and sadness. It was my parents' messy and sometimes violent marriage, and a brief period of homelessness after finally escaping a broken home with my mom.

For 17 years, things were not easy by any means and that has left me with anxiety that's hard to battle at times. It's certainly hard to remember the good things that happened when there were so many tears.

Meditation saved me personally, so much more than talk therapy. Meditation and the quiet solitude it brings from the thoughts in my head and the ability to see things from a new perspective. I don't meditate everyday anymore but it's always home to me. I am generally a quiet person, preferring to listen, and
meditation has developed these skills and taught me that that's ok. It is common for people to view quiet as weak, but it is strong. Meditation has taught me to sit quietly among the crazy and live
introspectively. I still battle intense anxiety at times, sometimes it comes on from nothing at all and sometimes it is triggered by the smallest amount of stress in my life. There are times when everything
just feels likes too much, but that's when I turn back to meditation, and it heals me, centers me, re-focuses me, and helps me to feelgood.

Meditation always carries me through - it is a personal journey of growth every time I turn back to it. Talk therapy is very valid, and I do not dismiss that at all, but I also think meditation should be practiced by every being for at least 5 minutes per day. It can be just what the doctor ordered (without actually ordering it!).