How CBD Helped Me

Hilary here—one of the co-founders of FeelGood! I just wanted to share the condensed version of my health background story and why CBD is so important to me and why you should try it too.

When I was 16 years old, I started having very painful periods—to the point where I would have cold sweats and sometimes pass out from the pain. I was healthy and played sports but would have to take days off of school or miss practices due to my pain. Over the 19 yeas that followed, I was told by family and doctors that the pain was normal and that I just needed to tough it out (because blacking out during a workout from contraction-like cramps or having periods that lasted 14 days is totally normal). My mom was actually the first person to mention the word “endometriosis” to me. After doing all my own research, I just knew that’s what I had. I saw multiple doctors to discuss this autoimmune disease with them but their understanding of it was so limited—I knew more.

This led me to try multiple diet changes, workouts, and lifestyle changes to help relieve just any of my symptoms and pain. During this time, I started taking CBD oil (tincture) and almost instantly noticed a change in my daily pain. My cramps throughout the month lessened and were almost completely gone. While it didn’t take away my period pain, it definitely minimized it overall.

The last two years, I rapidly declined—both physically and mentally. I couldn’t work full time, relationships declined, and I was in constant pain. I had resorted to just trying to make it through the day without a flare, and considered it a good day if I could get out of bed and make it to work. I stopped trying to see new doctors because no one understood or seemed to care. Eventually someone told me about an endometriosis specialist and surgeon in Beverly Hills. While I was skeptical, I decided to book an appointment with her and it was the best decision I made. After 20 yeas of pain and being in the dark, I had excision surgery with Dr. Iris Orbuch and it completely changed my life.


Between an anti-inflammatory diet and using CBD oil, which also helps with inflammation, I am feeling so much better and finally have my life back. Obviously surgery helped, but making other healthy lifestyle changes contributes to overall well-being and continued wellness for the future.

I am thankful to have found more natural ways to manage my pain and inflammation with the help of CBD, and I truly believe it can help you as well!